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PV Roles, Job Descriptions, and Skills Requirements Matrix


SJ Pharma Consulting, LLC in Mendham, NJ has created a matrix that comprises detailed explanations of roles, job descriptions, and skills requirements for drug safety and pharmacovigilance personnel. Take a look at the provided sample table to gain an idea of what the matrix looks like.

Sample Page

Job Role
Clerical/admin staff
Knowledgeable or trainable in the basics of drug safety
Capable of learning and following detailed instructions for case processing
Attentive to detail
May be called “specialist,” “assistant,” “safety coordinator,” or “safety administrator”
Health professional such as RN, RPh, or PharmD
Preferably has previous experience in drug safety
Understands applicable regulations
Capable of triaging, coding, and performing QC checks
Can be a responsible “case owner”
Medical Reviewer
MD or equivalent
Responsible primarily for performing medical evaluation and some triage